Proton – Logo and Branding

Current global logo.


Former Malaysian Domestic Market (MDM) Proton logo.

The Proton logo in 1983 was a dark blue shield which encompassed a yellow crescent positioned below a yellow fourteen-pointed star, in reference to the Malaysian flag and coat of arms.[40] However, this emblem was only used for Proton cars which were sold domestically. Proton cars exported to other markets received different badge designs. In 2000, the new Proton logo was used on the Proton Waja which launched in that year.[40] It featured a stylized yellow tiger head on a green roundel embossed upon a dark blue shield, with the Proton name in yellow capital letters in Frutiger font. The standard text representation of the Proton name was also changed from the lowercase italic text “proton” to the uppercase “PROTON”.

All Proton cars manufactured after 2000 carried the new badge, both in the domestic and export markets. The current Proton logo, which was in use since 2008 with the introduction of the second generation Proton Saga is identical to the 2000 badge, but manufactured in a two-tone, silver and black design instead.[40]

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