Proton Exora – Specifications

Exora (2009 – present)

2009 Proton Exora M-Line

The Proton Exora Standard (formerly known as B-line) was launched only in manual transmission on November 2009. The standard Exora is the cheapest variant available and is still sold alongside the newer facelift models, the Exora Bold and Exora Prime as of Q1 2013.[42] It is powered by Proton’s non- turbocharged CamPro CPS engine and is only available in manual transmission. Furthermore, it shares the exterior body kit with the original 2009 Exora and lacks many features found on the more expensive Exora Bold and Exora Prime.

It is the medium line of Exora which come in automatic and manual transmission. The main difference between the B-line is the safety features consists of airbag and ABS/EBD.

The highest specification of Exora which includes extra accessories like a rear spoiler, DVD player, semi leathered seat, and auto cruise features which the M-line lacks. Both the M-line and H-line are then replaced by Exora BOLD Executive after the launched of Exora BOLD.

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